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The Gathering by premutos The Gathering by premutos
Well, this was one of those pieces that 'sucked me right in'. I really enjoyed working on this, and I hope you'll like it. Full view is necessary for the details and such.

Ultra Fractal and Photoshop.
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rinatovna Jun 13, 2004
Woah...this is uber cool :D
OlorinIcanus Jun 12, 2004
I like the metallic look of this. In a way it reminds me of a bouquet of flowers. It is very beautiful, however I think there is more meaning to 'Shape Shifter'. Still, great work!
:wow: i like how it's all like dark at the bottom, but gradually becomes lighter and brighter.
:wow: holy crap that is frickin awesome!!!!
i don't like the text, but I do like the image. that's saying alot seeing as how i don't like fractals.
omg, you fractal ppl make such pretty art, even tho i don't know the first thing about fractals...

nice work on the colors and the border adds a really nice professional touch to it.

gj :)
jhonsyk Jun 11, 2004   Digital Artist
brilliant warm colours. They remind me of alcohol. :drunk:
hehe... good job! :D
life-is-trippy Jun 11, 2004   Interface Designer
wow, thats really great. i love the greeny-glossy glow.

id comment better but im REALLY tired right now
This is really good. I like the stars.
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